How to Play MOBAs with the Steam Controller

MOBAs are one of the games I see most often cited as an example of a game that you can’t play with a Steam Controller as well as a keyboard and mouse. Not so, though. You just need a creative enough configuration. In this video, I show off one that I use for Heroes of the Storm.

Regarding the Steam Controller not working on DOTA 2? I figured out how to fix that after making the video, so I’m going to show you not just my Heroes of the Storm config, but also my DOTA 2 config below.

DOTA2: steam://controllerconfig/570/946860130
Heroes of the Storm: steam://controllerconfig/hots/942159933


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    Do you have an updated link for the steam controller config? When I try to apply it, it comes up blank 🙁

    I love the look of this build and want to try it out myself. Great work and thanks for making this video!

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