How to Use the Steam Controller With Dolphin

In this video, I list off some tips and tricks to help you get started
configuring the Steam Controller to use with games running through the Dolphin
Emulator. I don’t support piracy, but if you legally own the games, this
allows you to use the Steam Controller, which makes them immediately better!

The Windwaker glyph mod can be found here.

Copy and paste the following commands into your C-stick and Control Stick
controls in order to swap the right and left stick controls with the right
shift button:

Control Stick Up: `Left Y+` & !`DInput/0/Keyboard Mouse:RSHIFT` | `DInput/0/Keyboard Mouse:UP` | (`Right Y+` & `DInput/0/Keyboard Mouse:RSHIFT`)

Control Stick Down: `Left Y-` & !`DInput/0/Keyboard Mouse:RSHIFT` | `DInput/0/Keyboard Mouse:DOWN` | (`Right Y-` & `DInput/0/Keyboard Mouse:RSHIFT`)

Control Stick Left: `Left X-` | `DInput/0/Keyboard Mouse:LEFT` & !`DInput/0/Keyboard Mouse:RSHIFT` | (`Right X-` & `DInput/0/Keyboard Mouse:RSHIFT`)

Control Stick Right: `Left X+` | `DInput/0/Keyboard Mouse:RIGHT` & !`DInput/0/Keyboard Mouse:RSHIFT` | (`Right X+` & `DInput/0/Keyboard Mouse:RSHIFT`)

C-Stick Up: `Right Y+` & !`DInput/0/Keyboard Mouse:RSHIFT` | (`Left Y+` & `DInput/0/Keyboard Mouse:RSHIFT`) | `DInput/0/Keyboard Mouse:I`

C-Stick Down: `Right Y-` & !`DInput/0/Keyboard Mouse:RSHIFT` | (`Left Y-` & `DInput/0/Keyboard Mouse:RSHIFT`) | `DInput/0/Keyboard Mouse:K`

C-Stick Left: `Right X-` & !`DInput/0/Keyboard Mouse:RSHIFT` | (`Left X-` & `DInput/0/Keyboard Mouse:RSHIFT`) | `DInput/0/Keyboard Mouse:J`

C-Stick Right: `Right X+` & !`DInput/0/Keyboard Mouse:RSHIFT` | (`Left X+` & `DInput/0/Keyboard Mouse:RSHIFT`) | `DInput/0/Keyboard Mouse:L`

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