Steam Input API Review: Darksiders Warmastered Edition

The first of my reviews of games with Steam Input API support (also known as Native Steam Controller Support). In this video, we break up piece by piece the quality, both what they do right and what they get wrong, for Darksiders Warmastered Edition.

The game is available to purchase from the Steam Store using the widget above.


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    This was actually the first game I used sc for and it was really really bad. I need to go back and try to make my.own config as community configs are notoriously bad. I think the mouse joystick is maybe necessary? I’ll have to check maybe you covered it in your video can’t watch at work

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      It has Native Support. Technically, you shouldn’t need Mouse Joystick on this game at all. Instead, use the in configurator commands as much as possible.

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        Yep sorry you’re right. The warmastered is a godsend. The og had very bad support for the steam controller that made it a real hassle. Thankfully when you buy warmastered you can import a non remastered save file so I didn’t have to replay half the game.

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