Steam Controller YouTubers

The following are good Steam Controller related YouTube channels. If you have any recommendations for this list (even if it’s your own Steam Controller related YouTube channel), feel free to email us at and we’ll consider your YouTube channel for this list.

  • Steam Controller Fan Club
    This site’s own YouTube channel. A good place for configuration tips, and news related to the Steam Controller.
  • ExistentialEgg
    Formerly an Xpadder based Youtube channel, ExistentialEgg has become an excellent source for Steam Controller tutorials, and gameplay examples. Very helpful for beginners and experts alike.
  • CriticalComposer
  • This YouTuber has been very prominent in the YouTube Steam Controller scene of late. He runs a series he calls “Steam Controller 101” which has made the front page of a few times for how helpful it is to newcomers to the Steam Controller. Also a good source for Steam Controller gameplay videos.

  • James Minicki
    This channel popped up out of nowhere with an in-depth analysis of the Steam Controller, but hasn’t really been seen from much lately. It’s a shame: the Steam Controller information on this page is really good (so good that it caught the attention of a tech journalist). It’s still not long enough since the last update to officially declare this channel dead, but it’s kind of looking that way. I still highly recommend subscribing in case he ever comes back.
  • Tetrach
    This channel is very small (8 subscribers at the time of writing this), and so far has focused exclusively on games made by Blizzard. But this channel has some excellent tips associated with those games for getting the most out of your Steam Controller’s configuration. I definitely recommend checking this channel out!
  • SteamController Player
    A channel dedicated to Steam Controller gameplay videos. A great display of skill when using the Steam Controller!
  • SuperDQP
    Doesn’t do Steam Controller stuff exclusively, but he has a Steam Controller in his intro, and recently a series called “Mastering the Steam Controller.” I recommend checking him out!
  • Woodsie
    A YouTuber who used to do a lot of Steam Controller videos when it first released. Lately, his focus has been more on the Vive VR platform, but there’s some very valuable tutorials in his video history.
  • Trial By Game
    A YouTube channel with lots of dedicated Steam Controller gameplay videos. Might not be doing Steam Controller videos any more, but definitely worth a look for the old stuff.
  • The Rythim Man
    A smaller YouTuber who plays a lot of Warframe, and also makes videos relating to the Steam Controller. Since Warframe has native steam controller bindings, the two also often intersect.
  • Steam Controller Topic
    Not actually a normal YouTube channel, though you can subscribe to it. It should keep you up to date on almost every Steam Controller video uploaded to YouTube.

Want your YouTube channel added to this list? E-mail me at with your channel, and I’ll review it and add it if I like it! I’m especially interested in adding Let’s Play channels to this list right now.